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Crime Games: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Crime games have always been some of the most exciting titles you can find on the market because they usually contain a lot of twists and turns in their story, enough to keep you playing for hours and hours. These murder games aren’t for everybody, but they have successfully managed to create their own niche and attracted millions of people.

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Metal Gear Series Twisting Plot

Throughout the course of Metal Gear Solid’s twisting and mind bending story plot, lays a game that could have stood on its own. Inside the Metal Gear Solid realm specifically chosen distasteful clichés, stereotypes, and even war attritions are brought into the games heavy hearted atmosphere to bring to light the many perspectives often involved and the emotions they felt. Although the game uses some real facts, most is written by Hideo Kojima and his assistants.

Alan Wake a Thriller Novelist

Action adventure games are always exciting and fun, but when you combine the genre with horror, then you get a one of a kind experience that’s certainly something impressive. The same can be said by Alan Wake, a survivor horror game with lots of action adventure elements. What makes the game stand out is its interesting story, remarkably good structure as well as other elements that bring it in front as being one of the best in its genre.