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Crime Games: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Crime games have always been some of the most exciting titles you can find on the market because they usually contain a lot of twists and turns in their story, enough to keep you playing for hours and hours. These murder games aren’t for everybody, but they have successfully managed to create their own niche and attracted millions of people.

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Dead Rising 3 Review

There is an immediate infatuation with Dead Rising 3. With more polished animations, sounds, and gameplay, there is a undeniable urge to hack and slash away for hours. The many improvements upon the game since Dead Rising 2 make immersion a fairly easy action. The personality of the game itself strongly plays to stereotypes seen in the United States with a very satirical twist.

Destiny’s Cool Hairstyles

In Destiny we can find arguably the best looking hair in a game, but unlike many other games, in this one we can actually have hair animations, which are very interesting as well. The art direction in destiny is very futuristic and interesting, bringing an emphasis on different styles of hair, each one with a different vibe when compared to the others.