Is Watch Dogs a fun open world game?

It’s a known fact that gamers love open world experiences. Being able to explore a massive game world at your own pace simply makes you feel like a part of the game and a lot of us actually want to feel that complete immersion. Being in control, choosing the side-quests or just exploring the map is what a good open world game is all about, and that’s exactly what we see in Watch Dogs. This is one of the first major new IPs that Ubisoft released for the new generation of consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and it basically provides us a gameplay very similar to the one portrayed in GTA, with just a hacking twists.

Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost and Damned Reviewed

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been about intense action, huge open worlds to explore as well as a lot of options packed within a dense game world. However, with Grand Theft Auto The Lost and Damned the series brings the first episodic piece in the whole history of the franchise, so many people were actually scared that this will turn out bad.

Dead Rising 3 Review

There is an immediate infatuation with Dead Rising 3. With more polished animations, sounds, and gameplay, there is a undeniable urge to hack and slash away for hours. The many improvements upon the game since Dead Rising 2 make immersion a fairly easy action. The personality of the game itself strongly plays to stereotypes seen in the United States with a very satirical twist.

Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony Review. Despite the interesting message in the title of this second expansion to GTA 4, Ballad of Gay Tony is about the problems of a night club owner that even include most of the mob in town. We will have a ton of action packed moments as well as numerous interesting missions that will keep you on your toes at all times.

Destiny leaves us begging for more

Once a few years, a new game or franchise will appear that will just overcome the expectations and leave us begging for more. This is exactly what Destiny manages to do, as it takes many of the elements that made Halo a cult hit and transforms them into one of a kind experience that you do need to live. When they first started making it, Bungie specifically said that this game is going to be the next big thing and once you start playing it, you can clearly see that they were right.

Grand Theft Auto V brings us a very intricate story

The Grand Theft Auto series is by far one of the most popular open world games in the action genre and it always provided us to explore massive worlds, while also providing us with a realistic gameplay that always entices us to play more and more. Grand Theft Auto V successfully manages to take all the elements that made the series a cult hit and it takes them to a whole new level.

Grand Theft Auto IV Return to Liberty City

When it comes to open world experience, the GTA series is definitely one of the most iconic titles in this regard. Grand Theft Auto has always defined and improved the way we play open world games, and Grand Theft Auto IV is a testament of that. The fourth installment in the series makes a triumphant return to Liberty City and in it we take control of Niko Belic, a Russian that tries to make a living in the “city of dreams”.

Dead Rising 3 zombies in a virtual world

Dead Rising 3 fares in it offers us an incredible, interesting way to kill zombies in the virtual world. Dead Rising 3 is exactly what you would like from a zombie killing game. In Dead Rising 3 you play the role of Nick Ramos, a mechanic that finds himself blocked in the city of Los Perdidos, which is a fictional version of Los Angeles. The city has been overrun by the Zombie Apocalypse and all you need to do is to escape from it as fast as possible because the government is set to drop a bomb on the city in the next five days.